Dr. Jen Mathis - Veterinarian

Dr. Jen Mathis has worked within the Main Street Veterinary Hospital since May 2014, while learning from Dr. Lobprise during her veterinary dentistry residency.

She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry in 1997 and her veterinary degree from Iowa State University in 2001. Over the course of twenty years as a small animal practitioner, she realized that veterinary dentistry treatments are a major way to help patients in pain. As a result, she became a certified medical acupuncturist in May of 2013 and a certified veterinary pain practitioner in November of 2013. Her skills help her patients reduce fear, anxiety, and stress of visits and unwind hidden pain allowing for a fear and pain-free process beginning before, and continuing within and after the dental procedure.

Dr. Mathis lives in Des Moines, Iowa with her husband, two kids, and a dachshund cross named Daisy. She owns Animal Dentistry Referral Services located within Family Pet Veterinary Centers. In 2018, Dr. Mathis completed her residency with Dr. Heidi Lobprise DVM, DAVDC to specialize in dentistry and oral surgery. She enjoys her multiple visits each year to her Texas 'work family' and hopes to see your pet as it's known that pets with annual anesthetic dental care live longer than pets without. Her favorite areas of veterinary dentistry are periodontal therapy, pediatric dentistry, endodontics, and full-metal crowns.

She also enjoys the fact that veterinary dentistry is the arts and crafts of veterinary medicine blending both of her home and work loves. In her spare time, she makes hand-stamped cards, does rug hooking, and quilting.

Dr. Mathis enjoys teaming up with Dr. Johnson for local continuing education to general practitioners. She has 22 hours of fun on-demand continuing education and has written the imaging, pain management, and dental home care chapters of Dr. Lobprise's newest textbook.